Shri Shamla Parshwanath

Shri Charup Tirth

Charup, Gujarat
  • Location Jain Temple Road, Charup, Gujarat 384285
  • Phone Number 0276677568
  • Available Dharmashala | Bhojanshala
  • Railway Station Patan - 12.5 KM
  • Airport Ahemdabad - 135 KM


This idol has a very ancient history. 2,222 years after the period of 16th Thirthankara Shri Naminath Bhagwan of the past chouvisi, Ashadi Shravak of Gaud Desh got made three beautiful idols of Thirthankaras and installed them. Lakhs of years went by. One day, when a businessman Dhan of Kantipur was going by sea, his ships stopped moving and became still. Any effort to make them move was futile and he did not know what to do. A divine voice asked him to take the miraculous idols from the depths of the ocean and install them and also told him the history of the idol. The idol of Bhagwan Parshvanath was installed in this temple of Charup under the auspices of Shri Devendrasurisvarji of the Nagendra Gachchha in the ninth century. The idol of Arishtanemi was installed in Patan and the third idol of Sthamban Parshvanath was installed in a temple on the banks of the Sedhi river. This temple fell into disorder after Vikram 18th century and came into the hands of the Non-Jains. In V.S. 1938, the Jain community of Patan took the management of the temple into their hands and renovated the temple. It was renovated again in V.S.1984. There is a reference that a temple of Shri Adinath Bhagwan was built here by Shresthi Sri Devchandra, a resident of Nagore in 13th Vikram century. There is another reference of Shresthi Shri Pethadshah building a temple of Shri Shanthinath Bhagwan here in the Vikram year 1320. Both these temples are not there now