Shri Manmohan Parshvanath

Shri Kamboi Tirth

Patan, Gujarat
  • Location Kamboi, Chanasma, Patan 384230, Gujurat
  • Phone Number 08733904499 - Arvind Bhai
    02734281315 - Office
  • Available Dharmashala | Bhojanshala
  • Railway Station Chanasma - 12.9 KM
  • Airport Ahmedabad - 119 KM


This place belongs to the times earlier than nearly the eleventh century. This place regarded to be very ancient. The shape and the art of the idol seem to belong to the times of King Samprati. In the seventeenth century list of sacred places, preserved in Patan, there is a mention of the sacred place of Kamboi. Its last renovation was accomplished in the year 2003 of the Vikram era. A fair is held on the second day of the month Fagan every year. Thousands of pilgrims meet together.

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