Shri Poshina Parshwanath

Shri Nana Poshina Tirth

  • Location Nana, Poshina, Gujarat, 383430
  • Phone Number 9724572367
  • Available Dharmashala | Bhojanshala
  • Railway Station Idar - 18 KM
  • Airport Ahmedabad - 112 KM


Approximately 1200 years ago this idol was found by a farmer under a Kanther tree. When he was ploughing his field, his plough got stuck. On digging, he found this 31 inch high beautiful idol of Bhagwan Parshvanath. With great faith, he entrusted this idol to the Jain Sangh. The Sangh built a temple and got the idol installed in the temple. During the reign of Maharaja Kumarpal, a huge temple was built and this idol was installed in it. The other idols in the temple belong to the period between 13th and 17th century. In course of time, this temple was renovated several times and the idols installed by the revered hands of great Acharyas like Shri Anandvimalsuriji, Shri Vijaysinghsuriji, Shri Lakshmisagarsuriji, Shri Vijayhirsuriji, Shri Vijaydevsuriji etc. This temple was renovated in V.S. 2008 and along with the main idol many more idols were installed by the revered hands of Acharyadev Shri Labdhisurishvarji Maharajsaheb. The last renovation was done some years back on the advice of Acharya Shri Sthulbhadrasurishvarji.

There is a belief that the flag on the Shikar of the temple indicates the number of the pilgrims arriving each day and food is prepared for that exact number of people. This indication is made by the number of times the flag flaps at a particular time. The food prepared is sufficient for all the pilgrims, not one person more nor one person less. This definitely is a miracle to be seen.

It is believed that this idol of Bhagwan Parshvanath belongs to the period of King Samprati. The artistry of this temple is extraordinary. The temple is very delightful and beautiful. The natural beauty of this place is amazing. A mention of this temple is there in Tirthmala, in 365 Shri Parshva Jin Naammala, in Shri Sankheswar Parshvanath Chand, in Shri Parshvanath Naammala, in Shri Parshvanath Chaityaparipati etc. In V.S.1696 Kavi Rajratna wrote Vijay Sheth Vijaya Shetani Raas in Idar with the blessings of Posina Parshvanath. He has made a mention of this in the Raas. An idol of Posina Parshvanath is there in Jiravala Tirth and in Kalikund Parshvanath temple in Santacruz, Mumbai.

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