Shri Jivit Mahavir Swami

Shri Nandia Tirth

Sirohi, Rajasthan
  • Location Nandia, Rajasthan 307023
  • Phone Number 029716127
  • Available Dharmashala | Bhojanshala
  • Railway Station Sirohi - 16.2 KM
  • Airport Udaipur - 128 KM


The ancient names of village were Nandigram and Nandivardhanpur. There is a legend that this city was settled by Nandivardhan the elder brother of Bhagawan Mahavir. This idol of Mahavir Swami is of his time. The stone inscriptions of the years from 1130 to 1210 show the antiquity of this place. This tirth seems to have been renovated many times. The idols of the times of Bhagawan Mahavir are rare. They are called living God. Such beautiful and attractive idols are not found elsewhere. There is a small temple on the hill near this temple. The idols of God’s feet and a figure of snake are carved there. According to the belief of the worshippers, it was here that Bhagawan gave sermons to the snake, Chandrakaushik. Dharana Shah and Ratna Shah, who built the Ranakpur tirth were natives of this city.

Nearest (Panch Tirth)

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