Shri Mahavir Swami

Shri Pansar Tirth

Gandhi Nagar, Gujarat
  • Location Plot No 8, Chhatral - Pansar Rd, Pansar, Gujarat 382740
  • Phone Number 02764288240
  • Available Dharmashala | Bhojanshala
  • Railway Station Pansar - 0.4 KM
  • Airport Ahemdabad - 38.2 KM


The making and the arts of the idols in this temple proves ancientness of this teerth. Magical idol of Prabhu Veer was appeared in the house of Raval Shri Jalateja on Sunday, the 9th day of Shravan Shukla VNS 2435 (VS 1966). This idol was established in a huge temple on 6th day of Vaisakh Shukla VNS 2443 (VS 1974). Five more underground idols were recovered in VS 1991, proving presence of many Jain temples in olden days.

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