Shri Neminath

Shri Rantej Tirth

Mahesana, Gujarat
  • Location Rantej, Mehsana 384410, Gujarat
  • Phone Number 07069232052
  • Available Dharmashala | Bhojanshala
  • Railway Station Becharaji - 13.3 KM
  • Airport Ahmedabad - 92.5 KM


The history of Rantej Tirth is still giving pride to proud Gujarat. History says that years ago the name of Rantej village was popularly known as Ratnavati Nagari. The magnificent Fifty-two Jinalaya to Balabrahmachari Shri Neminath Bhagwan was covered in the earth about 500 years ago. It is said that a shravak from Dhanpura (Katosan) village near Rantej used to come to Rantej village every day for business. Sometimes he even spent the night in Rantej village. One day, this sleepy shravak had a dream that there is a magnificent temple under Bawaji’s monastery on the hill of this village. Despite such recurring dreams, the shravak did not pay attention to the dream.

One day, the presiding deity appeared again and said to the sleeping shravak, why don’t you take god’s temple out? shravak then told the fact in the dream to Shri Sangh and Katosan Darbar. Shri Sangh and Darbar came face to face and explained to Bawaji and excavated the mound. Fifty-two jinalayas with exquisite artistic construction emerged from the excavated land intact, but all were disappointed not to see a single idol in it. It is therefore said that this shravak worshiped Athamatapa to establish the idol in the temple. At last, the deity appeared and told the shravak that there is a house of Rabaris on the east side. Dig in that place. Excavations will find idols. According to the instructions of the presiding deity, excavations revealed eighteen idols, including the present 2200 years old protagonist Shri Neminath Bhagwan. Which still adorns this Jinalaya today.

The deity of knowledge, Saraswati Devi is more than 750 years old while Mahalakshmiji, Chakeshwari Devi, and Kshetrapal Dada are also very ancient. Ancient inscriptions on idols, in Bhamati and other parts, can still be read today. Renovation of Jinalaya happened in Vikram Samvat. the year 110, 1300, 1600, as well as 1874, which can be estimated. Who doesn’t want to take the privilege of visiting Shri Rantej Tirth full of various miracles? Bringing this ancient pilgrimage to the limelight, it has become a new height giver: Surimantra worshiper Acharyadev Shri Arunodayasagarsurishwarji Maharaj and centenary panchang maker Acharyadev Shri Arvindsagarsurishwarji Maharaj.

The development yatra, which started with 500 pilgrims in the summer of the year, has gained momentum and today it has become a place of rest and faith for more than 1 lakh 25 thousand pilgrims: Shri Nemi-Saraswati Dham.

The main Jinalaya, which was damaged by the catastrophic earthquake of the year 2000, was made beautiful with three-dimensional artifacts. On the auspicious day of Vikram Samvat. 2063 Maha Sud-13, Date: 21-1-2007, Anjanshalaka Prestige Festival was concluded.

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